Kayaking in and around the Norwalk Islands

The guidebook, "Kayaking in and around the Norwalk Islands" is available for paddling enthusiast who may be interested in the Norwalk area. The Norwalk Islands are located one mile offshore and stretch approximately four nautical miles. Several of the islands are open to the public including camping, several launch ramps, kayak rentals and group tours are available. Norwalk is also home to the historic Sheffield Island Lighthouse, Peck Ledge and Greens Ledge lighthouses.

The guidebook includes information on kayaking the area including three local rivers, coastal and off-shore paddling and other useful tidbits including safety and local island wildlife. The book is available at several locations including the Small Boat Shop in Norwalk, (203) 854-5223 and the Outdoor Sports Center in Wilton, (203) 762-8797.  The book is also available online at: on line  www.norwalkriver.org in the publications section. You can also contact David Park at (203) 866-7555 or email the author for more information on the book and general questions.