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Fairfield County has a rich heritage of cultural and performing arts and today it is home to nearly 3,000 art institutions ranging from the traditional to the cutting edge.

For those with an interest in architecture, the Glass House designed by famed architect Philip Johnson is an absolute must-see. The Lockwood Matthews Mansion, predating Newport’s Seaside “Cottages” by some twenty years, offers a glimpse into the scale and elegance of that bygone era. And of course, the historic lighthouse on Sheffield Island is an adventure in itself.

Many of the region's house museums show a cross section of life from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, joining both history and architecture.   You can choose to tour a one-room schoolhouse, a historic house museum with gardens lovingly restored and historic buildings that have been turned into museums celebrating the region’s heritage.

History buffs also find exploring the many unusual museums of Fairfield County rewarding.  The region’s influence dates back to the early days of the colonies when the port cities were instrumental in manufacturing, fishing and trade. There's our museum dedicated to P.T. Barnum, “the greatest showman on earth”, or perhaps the Garbage Museum with its one-ton 24 ft. “Trashosaurus”, the Sono Switch Tower with its unusual collection of antique railroad switches or one of our many other unusual offerings. 

If your taste leans more to painted masterpieces, we will not disappoint.   Come explore the Bush-Holly House with its seminal collection of American Impressionism. And don't miss the Bruce Museum, whose vast collections have something of interest for everyone. In fact, Fairfield has many museums that house important historic collections as well as collections of significant Contemporary and Impressionist art.

When it comes to the performing arts, being so close to New York also has many advantages, not the least of which is the fact that so many of New York's finest performers find their way to Fairfield County. The venue choices are endless and include everything from open-air summer performances overlooking Long Island Sound, plush Broadway-styled theaters to state-of-the-art 10,000 seat arenas. Put all together -- the result can be sheer magic.

Whether it's a theatrical production, a symphony orchestra performance, a unique museum or a look back at history, Fairfield County is alive, vibrant, and bursting with interesting things to see and do.

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