Lockwood Mathews Mansion Wedding Traditions and Fashion from the 1860s to 1930s

04/05/2017 to 11/12/2017

295 West Ave., Norwalk, CT Phone: 203-838-9799.

From simple, at-home ceremonies to lavish events modeled on Queen Victoria's to weddings of young heiresses of Gilded Age fortunes that commanded social-page attention, this exhibition will explore the evolving nature of weddings and the socio-economic changes of this timeless tradition during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Lockwood Mathews Mansion Right Angle Bliss

04/06/2017 to 07/09/2017

295 West Ave., Norwalk, CT Phone: (203) 838-9799.

From vows taken in magnificent settings, to cutting edge images that will redefine rituals and boundaries, this exhibition will feature six up-and-coming as well as award-winning photographers that highlight today's diversity of cultures and customs in wedding ceremonies throughout the United States. Right Angle Bliss will capture the tenderness, whimsy, beauty, and grit of the promised, "I Do", and visually redefine this time-honored tradition through the lenses of photographers: Stephanie Anestis, David Bravo, Sarah Grote, Kathy Harris, Airen Miller, and Karol Setlak.

Greenwich Arts Council Bendheim Gallery Art to the Avenue

05/04/2017 to 05/29/2017

Greenwich Ave., Greenwich, CT Phone: 203.862.6750.

One of the largest and most exciting festivals ever organized, the Opening is set for Thursday, May 4, from 5:30-8pm.
The evening launches a truly spectacular show. Musicians and street performers fill the street entertaining strollers. Most stores host receptions for the hundreds of visitors who attend to preview the work of over 120 artists. The art selected by the retailers remains in place through Memorial Day, so there is ample time for viewers to experience the "gallery" that downtown Greenwich becomes. All the art on display is for sale, and a 30% tax deduction for the purchaser benefits GAC. A complete Map/Guide is published listing all participants, so that individual shops, artists and locations are easy to locate.

New Canaan Nature Center Adventures in Nature Club

05/04/2017 to 05/25/2017

144 Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan, CT Phone: 203-966-9577.

3:45 pm - 5 pm.  May 4,11,18 and 25. If you like to get outside, explore the natural world, and have a love for animals, this club is for you! Derick Hips, Environmental Educator and Birthday Coordinator for the New Canaan Nature Center, will lead adventures into the great outdoors and provide a hands-on experience with live animals. We will have the opportunity to explore everything nature has to offer, by looking for wildlife, finding animal prints and signs, and interacting with our animals in our collection.

Little Red Schoolhouse Program

05/09/2017 to 06/09/2017

2 East Wall Street, Norwalk, CT

at Mill Hill Historic Park. The Little Red Schoolhouse program brings Norwalk history to life through a series of interactive history lessons with costumed re-enactors. Students learn about early Norwalk and the town's significance in the Revolutionary War, get a glimpse of life in Colonial times and experience a day in the life of a 19th century student. The program is offered onsite at Mill Hill Historic Park or off site at your location through the Little Red Schoolhouse Travel program! Ages: Elementary and Middle School

Barnum Festival

05/12/2017 to 06/25/2017

Bridgeport, CT

The annual Barnum Festival is a seasonal celebration of the City of Bridgeport and its surrounding towns, including Monroe, Trumbull, Easton, Shelton, Stratford, and Fairfield. Dating back to 1948, the festival originated to help support local businesses and honor P.T. Barnum—a world-renowned showman and city leader. The Barnum Festival events span from late spring to early summer each year in an effort to build community spirit, foster philanthropy, and celebrate the many diverse cultures represented by residents. The festival culminates in a weekend-long Barnum Palooza that hosts parades, concerts, fireworks, and other family-friendly festivities. For a list of activities visit the website.

Franklin Street Works, “The Work of Love, The Queer of Labor”

05/20/2017 to 08/17/2017

41 Franklin Street , Stamford, CT Phone: 203-595-5211.

Franklin Street Works newest exhibition, "The Work of Love, The Queer of Labor," is curated by New York City based artist/curator Yevgeniy Fiks and curator/critic Olga Kopenkina. In "The Work of Love, The Queer of Labor," queerness is discussed through the lens of class and vice versa. Exhibiting artists are: Angela Beallor, Hugo Gellert, Montague Glover, Noam Gonick, Hagra, William E. Jones, Erik Moskowitz+Amanda Trager, Jaanus Samma, and YES! Association / Föreningen JA!. GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday – Sunday: 12:00pm – 5:00 pm // CAFE HOURS: Tuesday – Friday: 10:00am – 5:00 pm and Weekends 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Center for Contemporary Printmaking STONE LITHOGRAPHY: STATE CHANGE

05/22/2017 to 05/26/2017

299 West Ave, Norwalk, CT Phone: 203-899-7999.

10 am - 4 pm. During this workshop, participants will learn foundational techniques of stone lithography. Throughout the workshop, participants will experiment with mark making, drawing, and printing while they learn how to add and delete imagery. Through deletion and addition, artists will be encouraged to embrace chance, variation, and experimentation as they use the lithographic process to develop their ideas and evolve imagery. By the end of the workshop, artists will have multiple prints and variations.

The Klein Memorial Auditorium LITTLE FEAT


910 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT Phone: (203) 259 - 1036.

8 pm. TICKETS: $55 - $85 VIP PACKAGE: $205 MEMBER DISCOUNT: $5 - $8. Steeped in a huge pot of Southern flavors - including gospel, country, and R&B - Little Feat is the stuff of '70s rock legend. The band built on its early cult following to create a weird and wonderful blueprint: effortlessly slick rock 'n' roll delivered with a surreal, rollicking, West Coast swerve.

Beardsley Zoo - Zoo Cook-Off - Commissary Grand Opening


1875 Noble Ave, Bridgeport, CT Phone: 203-394-6565.

noon - 3 pm. Come see area culinary students pair up with animal caretakers to created fabulous dishes made for people but inspired by high quality animal diets. Bridgeport Mayor Ganim and other special judges on hand to judge entries.