Stanton House Inn Add ons

76 Maple Ave, Greenwich, CT Phone: 203-869-2110.
Availability: year round with 48 hour notice
Cost: $30 and up

We at the Stanton House Inn want to make every effort to ensure your stay with us in Greenwich is fabulous! To that end, we offer various special additional items to let your loved one know how much you care, keep you full, or just a little extra to help you relax at our Connecticut bed and breakfast. Some items on offer include fresh flowers, snacks, or sweets delivered to your room before your arrival. Don't forget to view our packages, and pick the perfect room for your visit to Greenwich! Small Bouquet of Flowers Welcome your loved one (or yourself) to your beautiful accommodations with a small bouquet of flowers delivered to your room before your arrival. Fruit Basket We'll have a basket of fresh fruit ready in your room on your arrival for you to enjoy when you choose throughout your stay! Cheese and Crackers Our platter includes a varied selection of fine cheese and crackers to enjoy in your room. Dish with Home-made Sweets A perfect addition to look forward to for all our guests with a sweet-tooth! This dish of fine hand-made sweets will be ready in your room on your arrival.