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1. Matthews Park

This tour begins in Norwalk, a city that is famed for its traditional oyster industry and is considered to be among the largest oyster producing ports in the country. The name Norwalk is thought to originate from the Algonquin word "noyank" meaning "point of land", or its Native American name, Naramauke that refers to a Native American chief. The city was officially founded on September 11, 1651 and throughout its long history Norwalk has remained economically, culturally and ethnically diverse.

Take exit 15 off of I-95 south, take a right off the exit onto West Ave., the entrance to Matthews Park is between two stone pillars. Here you will find free parking and an enclave of attractions, all within walking distance.

Mathews Park, once known as Elm Park, was originally a 30-acre estate that served as the summer home of two wealthy New York families, the Lockwoods, and later, the Mathews. The estate including its former buildings that date from late 1860's were purchased by the City of Norwalk in 1941 and today the area is listed as a State Heritage Park.